Hi, I’m Jesper.

Welcome to my site where I share my thoughts on investing. My strategy is simple:
Invest in what you know. For me, that means emerging technologies and digital interaction.

I am an interaction designer with a background in games and technology and am moving toward financial independence so that I can one day work only with the projects I love.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting my journey. Some of the options may benefit you as well!

My largest portfolio consists of technology-focused growth stocks.
My portfolio performance and growth. I began investing in 2014.
My dividend portfolio started in 2020 aiming for safe reliable dividend investments.

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Starbucks is a high-quality business and my next dividend growth play

this post, I want to share why. I chose this stock despite its relatively low yield and various short-term uncertainties – but a few aspects of this business makes this one uniquely high quality and a great long-term holding.

Nvidia is not getting ARM: So what now?

By the looks of it, Nvidia has now finally given up on acquiring Arm, possibly the most important semiconductor firm in the world. Here is what it means and my thoughts surrounding the topic. Will I be selling out?

What the Weta acquisition means for Unity

Alongside Unity’s (U) latest Q3 earnings the company sent out a press release regarding the acquisition of Weta Digital. I would like to tell you what Weta Digital is, what the specifics of the deal are and what it might mean for Unity going forward.

I believe in the Metaverse

There has been a lot of talk about the metaverse in investment communities as of late – The latest buzzword deemed the next big thing. And now with the Zuckerberg announcement of Facebook (FB) rebranding to Meta (MVRS) it seems now its finally out in the open with the general public. So what exactly is it and does it matter at all?


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