Tech investor, game developer and digital designer.

Hi! My name is Jesper and I am a 27 year old guy in Denmark. I love technology and the future and have a vision of how I want it to be. Through my investments I dream of one day being able to dedicate all my time to the things I love and the projects I want to build. I am a creative and I cannot help but want to share my thoughts and ideas with the world.

Follow me here for thoughts on the future, investing & technology. If you have been reading already and enjoy my content feel free to share my posts and consider buying me a cup of coffee ☕. If you are not too keen on that – you can instead use my Coinbase link and make an extra $10 of crypto for both yourself and I – on top of your first investment.

Studying Digital Design & Interactive Technologies at IT University of Copenhagen

Employed in telecommunications at TDC

Experience in tech from Huawei Mobile

Co-founder of game studio Artifact and real time 3D Graphics artist


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