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Making sense of the Chinese crackdown

A long list of signficant events have taken place in China throughout this year. The Evergrande situation is only the latest in pushing Chinese markets down. Does this present and oppotunity for you as an investor or should you stay away entirely?

Balancing diversification in individual stock picking

Diversification is often top of mind when it comes to investing and generally speaking it becomes more important as your investments grow. While I generally encourage diversification and claim it good practice I do believe many new investors go overboard in this regard and end up overdiversifying. How can you overdiversify? Well, lets have a look at that.

Why I am not selling: Tesla

Holding Tesla stock is controversial. Fortunately I am a long term investor and have held since 2016, already enjoying massive gains. But why not sell out now? Here is why I continue to be bullish on Tesla.


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Hi, I’m Jesper.

Welcome to my site where I share my thoughts on investing. My strategy is simple:
Invest in what you know. For me that means emerging technologies and digital interaction.

I’m an interaction designer with a background in games and technology and am moving toward financial independance so that I can one day work only with the projects I love.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting my journey. Some of the options may benefit you as well!

My largest portfolio consists of technology focused growth stocks.
My portfolio performance and growth. I started investing in 2014.
My dividend portfolio started in 2020 aiming for safe reliable dividend investments.

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