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Monthly Update #010 – October 2021

It is the end of October, the scariest month of all and Halloween is upon us. But let us get through this together with an update on how things are going. It might not be so bad after all!

Monthly Update #009 – September 2021

September has ended, I all awake and its time for another update on my portfolio performance, my claimed dividend and whatever events may have occured.

Monthly Update #008 – August 2021

August is wrapped up and so is my (long) summer holiday. It is time that I return to my every day schedule – none the less the monthly updates continue as always. I discuss recent events of my most important holdings as well as sharing website traffic stats and a small personal update.

Monthly Update #007 – July 2021

July markets are closed and so here is another update on my portfolio performance, dividends, significant events, the site and some personal stuff.


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Hi, I’m Jesper.

Welcome to my site where I share my thoughts on investing. My strategy is simple:
Invest in what you know. For me that means emerging technologies and digital interaction.

I’m an interaction designer with a background in games and technology and am moving toward financial independance so that I can one day work only with the projects I love.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting my journey. Some of the options may benefit you as well!

My largest portfolio consists of technology focused growth stocks.
My portfolio performance and growth. I started investing in 2014.
My dividend portfolio started in 2020 aiming for safe reliable dividend investments.

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