Hi, I’m Jesper,

A creative digital designer and game developer, who loves technology.

The Viking Blacksmith – A VR experience

Engine: Unity

Platform: Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

Team: Artifact

Main Role: 3D graphics, PBR textures, Baking, Initial research, Game design

The Viking Blacksmith was built by 6 man team in Artifact in 2018 for a museum client. A lifelike replicia of a real-life excavated viking age building in Denmark, this experience features a fully interactive virtual reality interaction for the player to forge a sword in the embers of the fireplace. The experience has been featured on the National Museum of Jelling and at two other Viking museums domestically.

Kidnapping – Fun promotional minigames

Engine: Unity

Platform: Web

Team: Artifact

Main Role: Game Design, Prototyping, Voxel graphics, Testing

For the family movie ‘Kidnapping’ released in 2017 by film production company Regner Grasten Film, my team and I developed seven web-based minigames for promotional purposes.

The games which were based on universe content and fully voiced by the cast were featured in an online advertising campaign for the movie. In these video advertisements the cast were playing our games mimicking live streaming and reacting to the gameplay. We collaborated with animation studio A. Film for some of the graphics in select 2D titles.

The City of Thieves – A table top board game

Publisher: Game Inventors

Platform: Real Life

Team: Artifact

Main Role: Idea, Prototype, Core development, Writing, Testing, Marketing

City of Thieves is a 4 player table top semi-casual strategy game. Leading a gang of thieves in a medieval city your objectives is to steal from the city shops to gain wealth. Partake in the underground bidding action to become the most powerful gang in the city and claim victory by stealing the King’s Crown Jewels. With a unique mix of humor, strategy and luck this game is for everyone.

Released in 2018 the game has recieved positive reviews and a nomination for ‘best game’ (Bedste voksenspil) by Legebranchen 2019. The game is available for purchase across a wide range of retailers in Denmark, including Faraos, Arnold Busck, Bog & Ide and Games.

Hardware collection – High quality assets

Project Type: Asset collection

Team: Solo

A collection of high quality 3D assets optimized for real time applications. Complete with 4k PBR texture sets and accruate measurements. Each model is polished and heavily optimized while maintaining great visuals for general use.

Available for purchase on Sketchfab Store. Created using Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe Substance Suite and tested in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Netflix Redesign – A new way of browsing

Engine: Figma

Platform: Mobile

Team: University Project

Main Role: Idea, Research, Prototype, Final Design, Presentation

For an exam project for a User Interface Design class at IT University of Copenhagen we were tasked with redesigning a streaming service of our choice. My team and I, consisting of 4 first year students, decided to rebuilding the browsing experience of Netflix. Built entirely in Figma this project improves particularly on the mobile experience with immersive video previews and gesture navigation. In a mode intended for browsing upcoming titles, Netflix subscribers can swipe right to like a piece of content or left to discard it. Should more users sharing the same login approve of the same piece of content a ‘Watch Match’ is created.

Looking for more?

Visit artifact.games for more projects from the game studio I co-founded in 2017 or have a look at my Sketchfab page for individual projects.

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