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After receiving a few requests on how to support my journey towards financial freedom I have now gathered this list of different ways of doing so. Many of these are referal links and will benefit you as well. I work on this site in my spare time so anything you can contribute is truly appriciated!

Jesper Bæk
Direct donation

All proceeds will go directly to me. This is the best option if you simply wish to support the project outright.


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Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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Celcius is a platform offering interest on cryptocurrencies. Interest is paid out automatically each week. I currently recieve a 5.35% yield on my Ethereum holdings. Using my link we will each earn $50 in Bitcoin if you transfer $400 or more into Celcius and hold for at least 30 days. A great option for the long term hodler.

Sign up for Coinbase and recieve $10 in Bitcoin!

Coinbase is by far the easiest way to get started in crypto. Their user interface is simple and easy to understand. It is where I started – and by using my link you get a head start by recieving $10 on your first investment over $100. When you have done so, Coinbase offers great ways to learn about different cryptocurrency and pay you for it as well!

Just click the image to sign up via my link. We will both recieve $10 after your first investment.
Create your own website using WordPress and save $25 off your plan

If you are interested in making your own WordPress site, this is a great way for you to save some money on your subscription and help support me at the same time, getting me get $25 off my own plan as well.

Sign up for Mobrog and get paid for doing online surveys!

I have used Mobrog for some time now for a little extra cash. Surveys take between 3-12 minutes and payment is determined on complexity and length. You are able to do several a day and you can cash out via PayPal and alike. It is super easy! Using this link will grant me 8 DKK ($1.23).

Sign up for Undo – Insurance of the future (Denmark only)

Undo was able to offer me the cheapest rate of any insurance company – and they do so by tailoring a solution specificly for your needs using machine learning. If you sign up through the link below and start a plan above 100 DKK per month, we both save 10 DKK every month going forward. Undo also offers the smartest and most efficient travel and car insurance out there in my opinion. Undo is a insurance broker and ultimately you are insured through the very large and well known ‘Tryg’ – though often at a better price.

Change your electrity provider to Velkommen! (Denmark only)

Using this link we will both recieve a ‘super gift card’ (widely applicable) of 750 DKK each. Velkommen offers monthly billing and a fair price.

Buy me a Coffee

Buying me a coffee is a great way to make sure I get things done. Thanks to the ones that have already supported me using this option.